Global Sourcing and Supply Management

Over the past several years there have been three major developments in the evolution of global sourcing. These are that more companies are pursuing a global supply base along with increasing the number of countries viewed as a sourcing base and an increase in the quantity and variety of available products. Some of the factors […]


Save Money on Candle Making Equipment and Supplies

Making candles can be a wonderful hobby and it also can be a very profitable business adventure. The good thing about making candles as a hobby is that the candle making supplies are really not that expensive. Granted, they do add up in time, but if you are not making hundreds of candles, this type […]


Starting a Hot Dog Stand Business – Equipment and Supplies

To get set up with a new hot dog stand you will be looking at approximately $5000 to $6000 for the stand, cooking equipment, coolers and other food handling equipment. For around $10,000 you can buy a customized trailer in which you can operate your business. For those on a budget it makes sense to […]